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Brand Refresh

Sometimes you need to refresh your brand to stay relevant, but that doesn’t mean reinventing your company, it simply means looking at the elements that make up your company.  We’re not talking about something drastic like dropping your logo that has brand equity built into it.  What you might need is to refresh elements of your brand like how your photo assets are used, what and how typefaces are used, what music radio spots use, how your print ads utilize color and design, these brand elements sometimes need to catch up or realign with where your business and your consumers currently reside.

Breathing a fresh breath of life into your brand might sound a little daunting, but rest assured we’ve been there before so we’re ready to help you navigate any of the questions and concerns you might have. Your refresh might be as simple as just needing to add a spark to your website. That’s the challenge our client Mount Gay Rum faced- their brand equity has been accruing since 1703, but their website felt dated and needed photography and messaging that brought forth the spirit and power that the brand truly has whenever you interact with it.   Get a glimpse of what we did for them in our case study for Mount Gay Rum

Brand Refresh

Refreshing your brand updates the key elements to increase its perceived relevance, to differentiate or to make you more competitive in the market segment. All the while protecting, building and strengthening your brand’s equity. So whether you need a small refresh for your brand like a website or something more in-depth that gets into how the strategy of your brand communicates and interacts with consumers– a brand refresh may be in order.

Our people, disciplines, clients, projects and culture all are contributing factors to who we are, and can be. It is an exciting time for Instrument to launch our new visual identity, one that expresses our many parts together in confidence and harmony.
Nishat Akhtar
VP of Creative
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